Are you planning to visit Russian-speaking country? Are you afraid to be misunderstood? Would you like to get around in the foreign country without much trouble, just by asking the right questions? Perhaps, you don't want to depend on the people you are visiting, their availability and free time. Would you like to freely find your way and mix with locals?

Have you decided to open a business in a Russian speaking country? Are you busy working on bilateral websites? Are you trying to make sense of what is written in Russian? Do you want to check if your ideas are understood and interpreted correctly in Russian?


My goal is to minimize the difficulties in adapting to the new environment of two different continents, countries and cultures. Whether you are going to Russia (or Ukraine) or just arrived in South Africa I will help you to adjust and understand specifics of the countries and traditions of the people.


I'm also a Sworn Translator of the High Court, Reg. N 17320/2020



If you plan on being an astronaut, learning Russian is essential.

Russian is considered to be the international language of space, and in the event of an emergency instructions are given to astronauts in Russian. Part of training to become an astronaut (really we should say cosmonaut) even includes doing a homestay in Moscow to learn local lingo.

There are only about 200,000 words in the Russian language.

This number has doubled since the 19th century, when only 50,000-100,000 words were recorded in dictionaries. This number is very small compared to the English language, which is comprised of over 1,000,000 words. Russians actually use very few of these words, and you will find that due to this many words have more than one meaning.



Hi! My name is Maria.

When I first arrived in South Africa, young, scared and excited I wished there would have been someone who could make the transition from different dimensions, from the so-called Eastern Block to Wild South Africa a bit smoother.

Even though I had a fairly good command of the English language, no doors were immediately open to me in the South African environment, where languages, cultures and traditions are all mixed. During that time someone who could help me adapt and adjust to this new reality and share their experiences would have been greatly appreciated.

And it is not just those from other countries who struggle to adjust, but even South Africans finding themselves in our part of the world. Ignorance of the language, our customs and specifics of behaviour will put anyone on their guard, even the most courageous and brave of travellers.

That is when the idea came to me of creating a company, whose goal it would be to minimise the difficulties of adapting to two different continents, countries and cultures. Whether going to Russia or Ukraine, or having just arrived in South Africa, we will help you to learn and understand the way of life and behaviours of the country, the traditions of the locals and prepare both our fellow countrymen and local residents for the correct perception of events, showing the country and its beauty.

I hope that our experience and knowledge will help you in the discovery of new pages of history and cultures of these geographically far-off, but spiritually close countries.

With Love. Maria

What people say

Prof Arina Britz

Stellenbosch University
Learning a new language as an adult is never easy — and learning your first Slavic language as an adult is very hard indeed. . Most adults who take on Russian give up shortly after memorizing the Cyrillic alphabet and learning
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Aisie Sinclair

CEO, Ocean Fresh South Ltd
I have opened a company in Russia 12 years ago, but only decided to learn Russian 3 years ago. My main goal was to be able to understand and speak Russian. I am not especially good with languages, but needed to speak and write
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Pierre Lombard

Film Director
The best thing about my Russian tutor, Maria, are the sweet delights she offers each time I arrive. Along with good coffee from the Natal midlands and the special Russian teas! Now that I had to move too far away from her
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Susie Moffatt

English Teacher
I have been having Russian lessons with Maria for the last two and a half years, and I can only say what a wonderful teacher she is. Our lessons are fun and informative. She sets written tasks, we have fascinating conversations
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Russian is the most widespread language over Eurasia.

Out of all European native languages it is the largest, and it is the most spoken out of all Slavic languages by a long shot. Overall, it is the 7th most spoken language in the world.


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