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Have you decided to learn Russian?


I can honestly say you are a brave person!

Russian is one of the few ancient languages in the world, and this makes the learning process a little complicated. However, to learn Russian is definitely fun! You will find many recognisable words, which came to Russian from different languages. You will learn, that Russian-speaking people are friendly and hospitable, and that life in Russian speaking countries is dynamic and modern. Learning a new language can be both exciting and daunting. Without the proper materials and guidance such a task might seem like an impossible endeavor. That is why we balance all our lessons between the classical lexical and grammatical information necessary to master a language, and lots of conversational formulae and phrases. The content is adapted to the interests of each student. You can choose between private customized lessons one-to-one, or online (Skype). There are small classes for children, where in a playful manner youngsters can learn how to read and write in Russian or Ukrainian. Let us learn Russian together. Personally, I never cease learning. The Russian language is alive and never stops developing.


Russian translation

Russian translation is an art!

Don’t you believe me?

Try using robot translation. We don’t translate word by word, but rather we interpret the message and adapt it to the understanding of people from different cultures and background. If you are still using ‘robot translation, don’t be surprised that your Russian speaking friends are laughing at you or even worse, that your Russian speaking girlfriend won’t correspond with you anymore. Have you tried to use robot translation during your business meetings? You can do it, but the success of your meeting might be questionable. Russian translation is a skill that can be achieved by constant practise and learning. We are improving our skills on a regular basis. There are no limits for perfection! You can be effectual by trying our interpretation and translation service to and from Russian, Ukrainian and English.


  • International Conferences
  • Business negotiations
  • Business trips
  • Accompanying clients to meetings and functions.


  • Legal documentation (SWORN Translator of the High Court, Reg. N 17320/2020)
  • General topics
  • Business correspondence
  • Administrative documents
  • Commercial correspondence/documents
  • Business reports
  • Creative writing texts
  • Blogs and articles You are welcome to send us one paragraph of your text and check how we translate English to Russian.

    Contact me to receive the quotes: maria@rustutor.com

  • Write in Russian

    Have you decided to open a business in a Russian speaking country?

    Are you busy working on bilateral websites?

    Are you trying to make sense of what is written in Russian?

    Do you want to check if your ideas are understood and interpreted correctly in Russian?

    It would be a pleasure to edit, proofread and improve the style of your text.

    Coming from a family of educators and linguists and being the third generation of people who have earned a living from working with languages they love, I can say with confidence, that the feel for language is in my blood. Please, follow my Instagram account @cape_traveller and look through the articles and blogs I have written on www.capetraveller.com. It will give you an idea of what and how I write in Russian. When I am writing in a foreign language, I always seek professional help for editing and correcting my writing. This is simply because I have respect for both - the recipient of my message, article or blog, as well as for the language itself.

    If you would like me to give you a free analysis of any random paragraph, please, complete the form below and paste your text here. We can write in Russian together!

    CONTACT ME for the following services:

  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Copywriting and Researchers
  • Accuracy and Quality control of a translation
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Choice of Vocabulary and Style
  • Suitability for audience/purpose
  • Linguistic techniques (alliteration, rule of three)
  • Overall quality




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