What type of man do Russian women like

Kind, honest, someone who looks after himself (but not too much), loyal (but not jealous), and of course attentive, generous, and intelligent…

Russian women, as a rule, have a long list of requirements for their "ideal" man.

The following article is based on polls, expert opinion, and the author’s own views.

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50 Things a True Muscovite Would Never Say

1.Oh, look, free Wi-Fi!

2. No, thanks, I've had enough tea.

3. Waiters are not my servants, they're just doing their job.

4. Do you know any nice Central Asians/Dagestanis who might like to rent my apartment?

5. I'll grab the car. Be there in five.

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The language of the real macho

Every foreign language sounds different.

French is a passionate language, Italian is an expressive one, Chinese or Vietnamese sound like "syao-myao-lyao", and German speech sounds like an order.

That is how the Russian language sounds for foreigners.

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A bride or not a bride — that is the question

John told me during our lessons, that he met Olga online on some Bride website. She was a rare combination of Beauty and Brains. She had a degree and she was travelling a lot, due to her work requirements. She was working very hard and still struggling financially. However, she wanted to settle, get married and have children. A Beautiful story.

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10 Russian words impossible to translate into English

The English language has more than 1 million words.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to find an exact translation for certain Russian words, especially if the meaning is related to the enigmatic "Russian soul."

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