The language of the real macho

Every foreign language sounds different.

French is a passionate language, Italian is an expressive one, Chinese or Vietnamese sound like "syao-myao-lyao", and German speech sounds like an order.

That is how the Russian language sounds for foreigners.

  • Russian sounds very brutally, masculine. It is the language of the real machos. (Will, financial analyst, Australia)

  • As for me, Russian sounds exactly as Polish. The same intonation, the same "womanly" pronunciation, in comparison with Czech. (Yaqub, financial analyst, Czech Republic)

  • For me, the Russian speech is something between the roar of a walrus and Brahms's melody. (Abe, accountant, Great Britain)

  • Before I have begun to learn Russian and even after learning Slavic philology, it  sounded like any other world language which has played backwards (Getin, intelligence agent, Ireland)

  • The most surprising that Russian can sound absolutely different: everything depends on who is speaking and on what is told. Actually, it is possible to achieve angelic sound in Russian, if desired. It’s true! Russian is a clay from which is possible to mould everything you wish. (Batyr, photographer, Mongolia)

  • It sounds like someone is trying to clean one’s throat, has gathered a full mouth of saliva and tries to talk at the same time. (Dean, pensioner, New Zealand)

    • Russian sounds like a noise made by a cat, which is in the box full of marble balls: peep, squeal and cock-a-hoop. 

    • (William-Jan, designer, Netherlands)

  • It seemed to me that Russian is a mix of Spanish with a roundish "r" and French to which have added letter “ж“  and some German rough sounds. (Jeremy, teacher, USA)

  • Extremely emotional language — Russians put a lot of feeling and passions in intonation. Example: «Вот это да!» (Wow!). (Chris, consultant, Corsica)

  • Russian is a couple of familiar words mislaid in the utter linguistic chaos of unpleasant sounds. (Albertina, insectologist, Germany)

  • It is a sound of the emery paper scraping on the rough surface covered with a thin varnish coat. As for the provincials, their Russian is a scrape of an emery paper on a rough surface without any varnishing at all. (Mark, teacher, Great Britain)

  • It is a roar of the bus that has got stuck in a stopper. "Daa - daaa - daaaaaaaaa" and at an ever-increasing rate. (Israel)

  • Russian — it as very badly adjusted radio receiver: loads and loads of excess rustles, crash and scratch (Maria, translator, France)

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